OX as a Service

A Fully Hosted OX App Suite Solution for your customers.

OX as a Service (OXaaS) is a fully managed and hosted delivery platform for OX App Suite. It is highly scalable and comes with an advanced architecture. The OX App Suite frontend and the Dovecot Pro backend are set up, and maintained, by Open-Xchange professionals.

Simply stated, OX as a Service (OXaaS) is a fully hosted and fully managed delivery platform for OX App Suite. It is OX App Suite hosted in our data center, managed by us and branded for you.

What does OXaaS provide?

Telco’s, Hosters and Providers can
use OXaaS to quickly ramp up a highly
scalable, white-labeled modular service
that provides functionality like email, text,
voice, video, collaboration, document
management, file and email encryption,
storage, sharing and much more.


Hosted OX is an offer for IT companies, which like to offer a branded OX App Suite for their own clients. If you're interested in using OX App Suite for your company, please follow the link.